A procedure as challenging as cleft palate repair requires repeated practice to develop the proficiency leading to improved outcomes. The Simulare simulator includes a base and replaceable cartridges, which allow the trainee to complete the crucial steps of the procedure and practice multiple times by simply replacing the cartridge.

The Simulare Cleft Simulator enables a trainee to operate within a precise oral cavity with unrestrained time to develop a deep understanding of the procedure and complete cleft anatomy. Its modular design allows for greater synergy between student and teacher in their quest to demystify and learn this intricate surgical procedure.

  • Trainees learn this complex procedure at own pace in low pressure environment
  • Life-size and anatomically accurate
  • Proficiency gained safely without patient compromise
  • Trainees perform critical start to finish steps using real surgical instruments
  • Allows trainee and teacher to pause and reflect on details at each step
  • Contains complete muscular anatomy
  • Enables technical proficiency during dissection within confined oral cavity
  • Dissection and repair provide real time feedback